Torch Proclamation

Ministry or Church Passing the Torch

We proclaim, as the body of Christ, that the “Torch of Awakening,” which represents our passion for God’s outpouring of His Presence in our state________________________,  will never go out.


We are determined and committed to pray, fast and decree for Awakening to invade America and our state______________________________.


So we hereby pass the Torch of Awakening on this date__________________________

to you (name of church, ministry, pastor or leader and commission you to carry this mandate of awakening.


We declare Isaiah 60:1-2 over you:

Arise, Shine! For your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.

Though deep darkness has covered America and the state of _____________________ and deep darkness over the people, the Lord will arise over America and the state of _________________; and the glory of the Lord will be seen upon her.

How to Contact Us:

Tom and Carole Hayes,

Torch of Awakening Directors


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