About the Torch

Our Vision:

We envision the Torch of Awakening to spread to every state in our nation, creating a net of prayer harvest in America.


How is it done?

Participating groups simply find a venue, a sanctuary, prayer room, home, business, government office, etc. in which to establish a prayer vigil.  This can be done 24-7 fulfilling a week or 3-4 hours a day for a week.  In the designated prayer room, there will be a electric torch that will stay lit throughout the prayer time(s).  The torch will be transported to the next participating entity with a passing the torch ceremony.


How to get involved:

Would you like for your church, business, house of prayer, home group to set up your own Torch of Awakening?  It’s not as hard as it may seem.  It only takes 24 people to pray an hour a day to fill a week with prayer.  All you need is: (1) You or your pastor to contact the Torch of Awakening Directors, (2) provide a space accessible for the allotted time of prayer, (3) Find people to pray.  The Torch of Awakening team are available to help you pray with creativity and perseverance.  Contact us to schedule the Torch of Awakening in your region.

How to contact us:

Tom and Carole Hayes, Torch of Awakening Directors

Email:  torch@voiceofawakening.us

How to Contact Us:

Tom and Carole Hayes,

Torch of Awakening Directors

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