Rick Wilson

  I am married to Myra Wilson.  We have been married for 38 years. We have two children, Justin & Hannah. Justin is married to Jamie and they have 7 children. Hannah lives at home and works full time.

We live just east of Tampa, FL and oversee a local church called Revival Outreach Center. We have been here for 20 years. We have a leadership team of 10 people that take care of the ministries at the local church. We have 20 people in our church that are in training and functioning as Ekklesia.

  21 years ago God gave me a clear call to the state of Florida, so I have had a regional & state vision during my time here. That vision has been evolving in many different ways over the years. At this time I am working with Ken Malone and a team to specifically target the Tampa Bay region. We see a regional Ekklesia forming.

  I am also one of five Apostolic directors with International Apostolic Ministries. I serve as an Apostle in many different states and countries. Our focus right now is in Albany, NY; New England; Michigan; Florida; Seattle, WA and Topeka, KS.  One of my responsibilities is to gather apostolic leaders in these regions and do roundtables to find the finger-print of God for those regions and establish teams & strategy to expand God’s Kingdom. We are looking for those that are called to public policy, education, high-level intercession and the equipping of Ekklesia.

 We are also working in Peru, Germany (these 2 are where we are concentrating right now), also New Zealand, Finland, and southern Nigeria Ijaw people.

  I personally have a passion for leading prophetic worship & intercession; preaching the “New Creation Man” and “Kingdom of God” message; and training leadership. I am also in a “Statesman Group” lead by Dennis Peacocke and we are preparing for the days ahead as big government & the economy fails. We want to be ready with solution as focus turns to governing locally.