Worship Leaders

Tonya Garrison

Tonya Garrison, is a worship leader/ song writer, crying out for a great awaking!   Wherever she ministers you will hear her shouting out freedom, declaring victory and releasing the song of the Lord. Over the past fourteen years she has led worship for several youth conferences and served as worship leader at a local church. Born in Texas she was blessed to have been a PK (preacher’s kid).  She has traveled with her family ministering in California, Florida and Mississippi where she and her family now reside. She has seen several people hurt by the pride of men and watched many churches fall asleep serving idols of tradition. She also has a great desire to see those who have been held in bondage set free by the power of Christ and those whom have left the Body of Christ to return, be healed and pick up their sword once again. There is no time to waste! The sleeping giant must arise, shake the religious dust off her feet and shout out the praises of God!

Tonya and her husband Donnie have been married and ministering together for sixteen years. They have two beautiful children Katriel and Jeremiah and reside in the Northeast Mississippi area. She is also a business owner.  While working with the public she considers her place of business a tool to share the love of Christ with others.