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By Ken Malone 


How do you define it?

When you ask the body of Christ for a definition of AWAKENING you get a different answer from each one. I recently asked this question on Facebook just to see how others defined it.  Here are few of the responses.

  • Awake from sleep we have been in spiritually.
  • Coming out of a deep sleep spiritually.
  • Waking up the spiritual warrior in us.
  • Awakening is the church returning to its first love! 


We are in Awakening      


My definition of AWAKENING is when the Spirit of the Lord rests on a nation, state or city.  Every segment of society is impacted by His Presence with thousands and thousands being saved, healing and miracles are common place. In awakening there is an awareness of God's presence by all.  Awakening is not just for the church, but is for the sinner and saint alike. 

When the presence of God came on the Hebrides islands off Scotland, Salvation was common. Saloons shut down because there was no business.  A Holy Presence of the Lord prevailed in the islands.


I believe that we are in the beginning stages of awakening in America.  These are baby stages, however make no mistake about it, we are in Awakening.  Listen to our recent conference calls, one with Dutch Sheets and another with Chuck Pierce.  Both said we are in awakening.



I have shifted my entire focus and ministry to see a Great Awakening in America.  Over the next two years I will be going to 29 states and the first one is in San Antonio TX, March 22-23.  This meeting will focus on Awakening in Texas.  After TX, I go to MS, FL, AL and GA.  We are working on CO, TN, LA, AR and others for this year.  (Please be in prayer for these meetings.


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