Patrick and Valeria Holloran

Patrick Holloran and his wife Valeria are founders of Harvest House International Ministries, a worldwide apostolic-prophetic worship and teaching ministry for the equipping of warriors and worshipers.  Pat and Valeria travel nationally and internationally, bringing prophetic insight, prophetic spontaneous worship music, prophetic teaching, and understanding for God’s people to be set free from generational curses and soul fragmentation.


Their ministry also equips the saints to know the destiny of the land that the people occupy for the glory of the Lord, and to make known the call of that land according to the perfect will of the Father in Heaven.  They have a calling to bring the Body of Christ into becoming generationally minded and to prepare the generations to move into the freedom and authority of God's Word that the Lord has for all of us. 


With this anointing there comes the understanding of the Father's heart and the Father's blessing, which is important in order to bring into reality the equipping of the generations.  It is in this strength that the orphan curses are taken from believer's and they come into knowing their identity of Christ in them, the Hope of Glory.


Accompanying this release, there is also the teaching of spiritual warfare in the first heaven of which we occupy, as well as doing the school of the supernatural.    It is in this atmosphere, that the exhortation is given to have dominion on this earth today as we are given in Genesis 1:28.  They train believers to minister in power, to exercise Holy Spirit gifts and discernment, and to understand their God ordained destinies in the Church and in the Marketplace.