Greg Crawford

Greg Crawford has been active in ministry for over 30 years serving in almost every type of leadership role. He is the founder of Jubilee International Ministries which recently relocated to Des Moines, Iowa. He and his wife, Julie, have also co-labored in founding Jubilee School of Ministry and Jubilee International School of Ministry which now has 40+ schools in developing nations. The International School network graduates roughly 5,000 students yearly. They have grown the network of schools to stand on their own within their nation without ongoing support from the United States. Jubilee School of Ministry in the USA has international graduates who have established schools and works in many nations of the world as well. Many have planted churches orphanages, and are involved in high places of influence in governments.  Today Jubilee School of Ministry is no longer a class room but is an online school of ministry training with over 350 hours of online instruction.

Apostle Crawford or APG as he is know by, has traveled on numerous international trips, leading teams into nations conducting leadership conferences. He has worked in Cote D Vire, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, and Indonesia. Many of the nations have had reoccurring trips as he has taken teams of ministers with him. He laid the ground work for the apostolic reformation in Nigeria with close to 12 trips to this nation alone, teaching thousands of leaders on team ministry and the apostolic for the first time. With close to 50 ministers ordained under them in the United States, they also provide counsel and insight, helping many church leaders today.


Apostle Crawford has become a spiritual father to many and has a desire to see the generations running together as one voice. He has labored to see the Kingdom expression of reformation and awakening come by travels in Iowa and the United States to help bring this into existence. He is best known for his revelatory teaching style and has a unique and powerful ministry of laying on of hands for impartation. He carries a deep message that release the breath of God to confront the hearts of believers. This has opened the door for him to speak at many national conferences. The revelatory dynamic has enabled him to write over 10 books, write close to 300 hours of classes, some taught by secular colleges, and to send out a bi-monthly teaching through email. His teachings can be found on many websites and have been the lead feature article on Identity Network a leading prophetic voice in America with a web base following of close to 350,000.


He holds a PHD of Ministry which he received Magna Suma Cum Laude. He is ordained with Jim Hodges Federation of  Ministries and Churches International and is in relationship with several well know national voices. Currently he is overseeing The BASE, a ministry located in Des Moines to bring awakening and reformation to the church and culture. The forerunner ministry of the BASE has creative spontaneous worship created in the moment, gift and call devolvement, investment by spiritual fathering, and revelatory instruction with opportunity. More information can be found at the ministry website