Mickey and Suellen Estes

In February, 1993, Mickey and Suellen Estes started Good News Church in their living room in Blue Mountain, MS. This moment was a culmination of several years of God’s radicalization. It was clear to them both that their call, training, ordination, and preparation had all been to bring them to this point: a mission to bring awakening to north Mississippi. Having lived most of their lives in Atlanta, GA, their move seemed strange to many, but they both knew what God was saying.

After nearly 20 years, the church is now called Life Connection Church and resides in a converted theater building. Yet the mission remains the same.  Mickey’s message has always resonated with the call for the remnant to come out of Babylon, return to Zion, and rise up as God’s true church.

 Suellen’s book, Forever Upward: A Mother’s Journey Through Prayer, has helped many mothers find hope as they learn to work with God for their children’s deliverance. She also has a blog website with the intent of encouraging others to join the mission.