Awakening Journal Entries

Patty Sodmont-Kingdom Communities

Our church had the torch the week of Sept. 23rd - Sept. 30th.  We believe the significance of the torch is far more than the actual object itself.  The torch signifies an assignment from God in connection with the unified global work of Voice of Awakening.  The Lord spoke to us prior to receiving the torch about 45 days of glory.  The torch came exactly 5 days prior to the national 40 day fast called prior to the elections.  Therefore, we had begun a 45 day fasting and praying for our nation; and as the Lord was promising these were going to be 45 days of glory.  During this week with the torch, we turned all of existing services into prayer and worship services and we added a few services.  Likewise, people signed up to pray at home throughout the week.  The Lord responded with revival fire in our church first and then people began experiencing greater levels of dreams, visions, and encounters in their personal time with the Lord as well. 


 A significant revelation came throughout the week that there are so many victims in America needing healing.  We could probably list more than 50 various types of victims including... the orphans, widows, soldiers, domestic violence, abuse, slavery, racism, rape, incest, divorce, single parenting, poor parenting, cancer and diseases, drug or alcohol addiction, poverty, peer pressure, bullying, homosexuality, spiritual abuse...   Each victim feels isolated as if they are the only one, each victim continues to relive the pain of their condition without hope of healing, each victim feels forgotten by most.  The Lord had us praying for these wounded in our nation to be healed.  To "Awaken" means to wake up or get up.  The lame man could not get up until he was healed. Likewise, people can't know the Father's love until they can believe there is love.  During this time, the Lord also released a strategy to establish "Healing the Victims" classes throughout our region.  Lastly, the Lord spoke specifically that some of our intercessors were to stay and pray all night the evening before passing the torch on.  This sacrifice of prayer and worship was offered up to the Lord and we have already seen the fruit on our level knowing full well the greater level is feeling the impact as well.  We passed the torch on to the next pastor and then he called me with an entire list of churches he wants to send the torch too.  When I hung up I began to see the significance of the strand of unity this is bringing.  Many churches will become part of this "VOICE" by the passing of the torch and the upcoming gatherings and implementation of city-wide strategies.  I praise God for this great work! 

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